Interested in saving money on your cooking operation?

Since inventing the first demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) system over 30 years ago, Melink has created significant energy savings in over 30,000 hoods across the globe. Intelli-Hood® is ideal for both new construction and retro-fit projects. Unique dual sensors with self-learning algorithms are able to monitor cooking activity to ensure the safest environment and highest energy savings, something no one else can claim.

Optimal Ventilation: Automation of kitchen HVAC using self-learning algorithms and self-calibrating sensors to provide optimal ventilation under all circumstances. Basically, your fan speed will automatically adjust based on how much smoke and heat are being generated from cooking.

Energy Savings: ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant. An average of 65% savings in energy usage, resulting in a significant decrease on utility bills.

Safety: NFPA 96 Compliant. Fire suppression system interlock and optional gas valve shut-off to disconnect supply when not in use.

Monitoring & Analytics: The system can integrate with your Building Control Systems, and you have the ability to receive system and performance alerts. Information is at your fingertips!

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